Solutions For Start-Ups

We offer business valuations for pre-revenue start-ups. Even if your company is not revenue positive it has value. We teach you how to leverage your valuation to reduce borrowing costs and increase the performance of your fund raising efforts.

Engaging us in the start-up or pre-round stages will reveal to you what makes your company most valuable to investors. We teach you how to leverage that knowledge to guide your tipping point decisions as your company grows. 

Crowd Funding Compliance

Pre-Revenue Business Valuations

Management Consulting For

We provide turn key services to help you meet SEC requirements and reduce the time required to raise capital through crowdfunding.

​Crowd Funding Compliance Services

In order to participate in crowd funding the United States Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") requires you to file several forms.*

We provide turn key services to help you meet SEC requirements and reduce the time required to raise capital through crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is a critical part of your fundraising track record and significantly impacts the way future investors will judge your company.  Our services include a document highlighting the best parts of your crowdfunding journey that you can use with future prospective investors.

*The SEC describes a crowd funding site as a "funding portal". When you list your company on a portal you are listing the shares of your company for sale to the public.


Portal Matching

We match your company with the right crowdfunding site aligned  with your goals.


SEC Filing

We gather the necessary data and file the SEC forms for you.


Success Monitoring

We help you monitor the success of your crowd funding  campaign.


Journey Presentation

We create a crowdfunding journey presentation to use with future potential investors.

I have an ownership interest in a business and I want to increase my financial gains from the sale of that interest in order to be more intentional about my legacy to the business, to family, and to my passions
For business owners, we seek to increase the value of a transition from business
ownership using a combination of entities, ownership vehicles, tax management
strategies, and asset transfer timing.
I belong to a governing board of an entity and I wish to fulfill the fundamental responsibility of the board to mitigate the risks to the entity presented by the unexpected exit of a key employee by death or elective departure
For entity governing bodies, we seek to mitigate the risk of the unexpected
or expected exit of an owner or key employee through the use of
insurances, contractual agreements, tax management strategies, and enterprise risk management practices.
I am a partner and wish to mitigate the risk to the business posed by the high cost of purchasing another partners shares from them or their estate in the event of their departure from the partnership

The sooner we create a solution to this for you the less impactful the purchase will be. Naturally the cost impact of purchasing another partners interest is a function of funding and deal structure. It is not always money that someone wants but if it is then we may be able to help establish financial vehicles which reduce the impact of those costs.

Business Broker Services

Save Time
We Search And Screen Prospective Buyers. We Set Meetings For You.
Speak Only To High Conviction Buyers.

Your Partner In The Process
We Create A Valuation To Obtain Your Numbers, A Pitchbook To Tell Your Story, Promote Your Business For Sale Through Listings And Our Extensive Network Of Contacts, Screen Prospective Buyers, Coordinate And Facilitate Buyer-Seller Interviews,
Negotiate The Sale Price, Provide Closing Documents, And Shepherd The Transaction To A Timely Close.

Our Differentiated Services
We Provide Exit Planning And Retirement Planning Services Through Our Registered Investment Advisor IKT Holdings, Inc. (CRD: 316459)
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    Begin With A Business Valuation

    Your valuation includes a coach who will teach you to:

    1. Increase the sale price of your business
    2. Reduce the borrowing cost of a loan for your business

    3. Target opportunities for increasing revenue, reducing costs, and mitigating risk. 

      Learn How To Use Your Valuation To Increase Your Sale Price

      Crowd Funding Compliance

      Pre-Revenue Business Valuations

      Capital Raising Services For
      Scaling Up

      This is a Heading

      A pre-revenue business valuation is an assessment of the value of a business that has not yet started generating revenue. This type of valuation can be challenging because there is no track record of revenue or profit to use as a basis for the valuation. Instead, the value of the business must be based on other factors such as the quality of the business idea, the market opportunity, the competitive landscape, and the team's ability to execute the plan.

      There are several methods that can be used to value a pre-revenue business. These include:

      1. Comparable company analysis

      2. Discounted cash flow analysis

      3. Asset-based valuation

      4. Option pricing

      It is important to note that pre-revenue business valuations are highly subjective and can vary widely depending on the assumptions and methodology used. It is therefore important to seek the guidance of a professional valuation expert when performing a pre-revenue business valuation.

      Comparable Company Analysis

      This method involves comparing the pre-revenue business to similar businesses that are already generating revenue. The valuation is based on the revenue or valuation of the comparable companies.

      Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

      This method involves projecting the future cash flows of the business and discounting them back to present value.

      Asset-Based Valuation

      This method involves valuing the business based on the value of its assets, such as intellectual property or equipment.

      Option Pricing

      This method involves valuing the business based on the value of options that are granted to employees or investors.

      ​How We Do It

      Learn from you where you want your business to go and where you want to go as an individual.

      We create a prioritized list of opportunities.

      We perform a change readiness assessment and score your business' ability to adapt to change.

      We benchmark your financial performance against that of your peers.

      Together we prioritize projects and begin execution.



      Our Highest Impact
      Exit Planning Scenarios

      When Is Exit Planning Most Valuable To You?

      Owner's Next Adventure

      Exit Planning has great value when you hold a majority or significant minority interest in a business and are considering moving to a new firm or leaving toil behind.

      Think Price

      Think sale price, taxes, and legacy.

      Partners Buying Out Partners

      Exit Planning can turn what could be the crippling cost of buying out a partner into an incentive all partners can benefit from. 

      Think Financing

      Think financing and corporate asset.

      Actively Selling A Business

      Exit Planning is critical when negotiating sale price and determining how your proceeds should be dispositioned upon deal completion.

      Think Value

      Think taxes, trusts, and investments.


      Our Highest Impact
      Management Consulting Scenarios

      When Is Management Consulting Most Valuable To You?

      The Weakest Link?

      Termination of a team or team member may have unexpected and far reaching impacts on your business. Morale is often a manageable result of  incongruence in role

      assignment or disfunction in operational policies and procedures. 

      Think Optimization.

      Optimized Organizational Design, Morale, and Operating Cost.

      The Margin Plateau

      Your year over year revenue is up. Your peers tell you theirs is up more. Industry rags tout historical highs.  Where do you really stand? If everyone is up what does that mean for the sale value of your business?

      Think Valuation. 

      Equity valuation, historical statistical analysis of margin performance, and key value indicators.

      Where Do We Go From Here?

      Up year. Down year. Another year.  You were changed.  You made changes. How did those changes impact performance?

      Did outcomes justify the cost?

      Think Measure.

      Tactical planning based on analysis of actions, reactions, and decisions with metrics driving sale value of the firm.